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Meet the Boss
Andrew is so cute
The Queen of Pronunciation
Mary from Cape Town
ELK Kids with Alisa

Decided to move to NY

Pasha Golovkin

Motion Graphics and Industrial Designer.
Co-Founder & Co-Owner at Firma.
Creator of ZONT synthesizer.
Design director at SET Creative.


are the Centre

The learning process is tailored for your goals and language skills

We design an individual learning map for each student, keeping your goals and interests in mind

We believe in effective yet fun learning, with dynamic lessons and homework to keep you energized and inspired

We have graduates from the world's best universities
(Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford)
sharing all their knowledge with you

How it works

We set your goal and design a personal learning map
You immediately start using acquired skills, exploring a new language’s culture and knowledge

Use the force
of the 6 elements



to your favorite TV shows, podcasts, and TED talks


perfect emails and essays


with native speakers from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa and other countries


via smartphone apps that help you memorize all necessary words


selected articles online and in print media


that you understand through metaphors, not endless drill



If you're starting
from scratch


9 individual lessons
1 immersion lesson*
*Curator will help the student to decide if they’re ready for an immersive lesson. Those who are not at a conversational level of speaking yet will receive an additional individual lesson with the student’s personal curator


If you're already speaking at a certain level


5 individual lessons
2 immersion lessons
1 paired lesson
1 round table lesson
1 ELK Happy Hour

All subscriptions include 10 Skype lessons with a personal curator over the course of six weeks. Individual lessons last 30 minutes, group lessons — 45 minutes


Individual lesson

with your personal curator,
covering the essentials of grammar and vocabulary through real-life practice — centered around you, your interests, and your goals

Immersion lesson

with native speakers from the USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, and other countries to provide insight into English-speaking culture


with a student of the similar level, debating a topic of common interest. Should people colonise Mars? How can we improve school education? Perhaps, iPhone vs Android… you choose!

Round table lesson

with 4-5 students and a native speaker presenting a topic for debate, varying from international travel to politics in the media. Moderators and topics constantly rotate, and you will be always challenged by the new points of view

ELK Happy Hour

— an online party with a curator and 4-5 students of the similar speaking level. All participants will share brief self-presentations created with their curators throughout the course, and dedicated to any personal passion or interesting topic: a love story, an unexpected friendship, a new scientific discovery… At the end of the session — we will toast to your success!

ELK Academy Team

Fedor Sokolov

Founder and Head Teacher
I know for certain that English is within everyone's reach — whether you're 5 or 95.
Founder, CEO

Amanda Kinney

English Curator
I am a native English speaker currently living in North Carolina. Chances are you will find a cup of tea and cookies-lots of cookies- somewhere on my desk at all times.
University of Georgia

Ali Stoner

English Native Speaker
While completing my master's degree at Harvard, my studies took me to Moscow for three months!
Harvard University

Mary Musto

English Curator
I began teaching English at summer camps in the mountains of Italy. After a long summer of teaching, I returned home to South Africa and got my degree in education.
Cape Town, South Africa

Ira Sukhovitskaya

Russian Curator
I am a Russian native speaker and a professional teacher with PhD in Slavic linguistics.  I was born in Belarus, lived in Russia, Switzerland, and Hong Kong before moving to the U.S.
Belarusian State University

Anna Muravska

German Curator
I work as a German interpreter and lead non-commercial projects as a head of the Hamburg Alumniclub in St. Petersburg
State University of St. Petersburg

Galya Stepanova

French Curator
I left Russia to study in the UK in 1999, and since then I have lived, studied, and worked in England, France, Armenia and the Czech Republic.
Oxford University

Zach Gould

English Curator
I graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in Philosophy. I have travelled through Central and South America, learning to speak Spanish and some Portuguese along the way.
Lehigh University

Alisa Zasenko

ELK Kids Curator
I am currently studying Film Production, and my dream is to become a successful documentary film producer. I speak three languages fluently and am now learning the fourth one (my final goal is eight!).
University of West London (UWL)

Anastasia Litenko

ELK Kids Curator
I'm a Montessori teacher 0-6 and mum of 2 boys (5 y.o. and 10 months). Every kid is keen on learning, we just need to find the right topic to interest him!
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Caterina Nonis

Italian Curator, English Native Speaker
I grew up in Milan, Italy, and I moved to New York City – where I live now – to study Theatre and Acting at NYU.
New York University

Miranda Haymon

English Native Speaker
I work as a freelance theater director and have studied German, Spanish and American Sign Language. I am a total culture nerd!
Wesleyan University

Taylor Valley

English Native Speaker
I am currently a graduate student at Harvard University with a focus on Russian, Eastern European, & Central Asian studies.
Harvard University

Sarah Paton

English Native Speaker
I graduated from Princeton University with degrees in Comparative Religion and Theater. After graduating, I taught theater to children and adults of all ages. I then got my Masters degree from Harvard University, and now I'm an actor in New York.
Princeton, Harvard

Patricio Sánchez-Jáuregui

Spanish Curator
I travelled the world, working with big international companies. Now I live between London and Madrid.
University of Navarra



All teachers are people with outstanding experience — adventurers, masters of their educational path, businessmen. You can meet all of them and be absolutely independent in your topic choice. It's good that you improve your English. But it's EXCELLENT when you suddenly realize that you've improved your life while improving your English :)

Maria Mikhaylova


We have a big world around us, but we can’t reach most of its beautiful and amazing places. ELK Academy is a friend who takes us by the hand and helps to open new horizon. We don’t learn English — we get to know about people, places, and ideas in English.

Roman Voronin


I love ELK Academy, because I don’t just learn English, but also the homework always tells me amazing new stories about the world. The learning never stops and this is so cool!

Larisa Paltseva


English became interesting for me. Language became available to me. I overcame the fear and began to talk, to listen and hear. I'm happy. I am pleased. I were sent on mission in the theater and listening to native speakers. I knew a lecture on Art and smiled.

Ekaterina  Zlaya


With ELK Academy i found out what English lessons can be interesting and exciting. Here i've learned how to easily speak and understand English. I've met native speakers from different corners of the world. Agree, what you will never experience it at your school. Moreover, i've expanded my knowledge about our world, found out a lot of interesting things, starting from artificial limbs and ending with Mars colonisation.

Fedor Shuteev


I guess, it is the most brilliant project for most people! Every time I'm trying to do my best in English during our lessons, but most of all I admire Fedor Sokolov. I learn so much during our conversations. You’re amazing, and have a great team! Thanks to Eva Egorova, who introduced me to ELK Academy.

Tatiana Koroleva


I had to bring my child to a speaking level before visiting his father in the United Kingdom, and Fedor just made it happen. In a month, my kid’s language skills improved so much, and all english-speaking relatives noticed that. Most importantly, teachers are really interested in you and your world, so you will always find common topics.

Svetlana Oleksina

Meet your classmates

Anna Kovalchuk
Dasha Gav
Graphic Designer
Marina Petrova
Wedding Consultant
Roman Kocherzhevskiy
Director, Actor, Composer
Valeriya Danekina
Business Strategist
Nikita Lobachev
Web Developer
Mariam Episkoposian
Skin Therapist
Marina Gorbunova
Landscape Designer
a place for your picture
Masha Klimenok
Motion designer
Igor Sulkis
Ilia Moskvitin
Andrew Taranov 
Wants to become an actor
Sasha Kharazian
Loves to rap
Barbara Dudkina
Adores cool emojis
Sasha MacNeil
Wants to study in Oxford
Sasha Illinova 
Ksusha Kim
Loves Imagine Dragons
Gulnara Perevalova
Taya Zubova
Film Director, Producer

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